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Slow Coffee

There are many ways to brew coffee. We want to emphasize Slow Coffee, meaning sit down stay awhile, enjoy the different coffee brewing techniques. Different brewing techniques bring out the best flavor in the coffee.



“A synthesis of logic and madness.”

Ralph Caplan

          It was 1939 and when most German Scientists where working on making weapons of mass destruction. One German Immigrant to the United States was working on how to prepare the world’s greatest coffee (A much gentler world domination tactic).

          Chemex is the perfect example of form meeting function. It is made of glass having none of the residual odors and taste that plastic and metal absorb. The method of preparation ensures that the best flavor is retained and carbon dioxide is released.  Add the heavier and thicker paper filter and you have the recipe for the perfect cup of coffee.

          And what about form?

Chemex is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Smithsonian. It was voted by the Illinois Institute of  Technology as one of the 100 best designed items of the 20th century.


     Developed in the early 19th century at a time when many amateur scientists were experimenting with fluid dynamics, vapor pressure, and vacuums this method is an excellent science experiment. The earliest patent from 1830 references a vacuum pot created by Loeff of Berlin (again with the German connection!).. The ornamentation of the vacuum pots suggest that coffee preparation was taken out of the kitchen and into the dinning room where the process could be enjoyed and appreciated by the diners. Using  vapor pressure the system is fun to watch but also makes a very clean and hot cup of coffee. Perfect for enjoying single source coffee beans.

Pour Over

    An individually prepared cup of full bodied, robust black coffee that truly extracts the multi-layered taste of the beans.


French Press

     A bold full-flavored cup of coffee that doesn't skimp on taste. By not agitating the grounds a cup of French press is able to create an "oilier" cup of coffee that represents the true heart and soul of the roast.