About B Sharp Coffee House

We strive to serve downtown Tacoma by providing them with the best in local and northwest.  Coffee that is locally roasted, sustainability harvested, and traded with a taste that reflects it. Beer will have an accent on micro-brews and Belgian Ales. We always have the environment in mind when making business decisions as well as incorporating green living in our personal lives.


    About the Music

Owner Dennis  Ellis has been in the blues business for many years. performing locally with the popular Guitar Slim, the award winning Crossroads blues band, and currently the T-Town Aces, who won the best new band award from the Washington Blues Society.  www.t-townaces.com 














    Why Slow Coffee

In addition to common coffee preparation methods we will also feature slow coffee. Using various methods slow coffee allows for the best enjoyment of single source coffee beans, it allows for the premium extraction of the coffees taste profiles.



The environment is very important in our daily lives we will have an emphasis on this at the Coffee House. Our food waste and coffee grounds are composted with local farmers. We use recycled paper products, buy local when possible. 


What’s important to us: Music, Coffee, Good Spirits, and Sustainability











B Sharp Music Society